The Carnivore Diet & Building Muscle

The carnivore diet, also called the zero-carb or all-meat diet, still thrives in the fringe realms of biohackers and those looking for last resort solutions to health problems they are facing.   Its effectiveness will likely remain veiled in controversy and debate in the medical community solely over its polarizing tenants.    Proponents and critics […]

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Electrolytes on the Carnivore Diet

Are electrolytes important on a zero-carb diet? Yes, often we need to supplement with electrolytes on an all-meat diet. Electrolyte levels, especially sodium, can get out of balance when following a zero-carb diet. If this happens, your performance will suffer both physically and mentally.  Sodium is not the only electrolyte found in small amounts on […]

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Following a Carnivore Diet with Histamine Intolerance

The Carnivore Diet can be perfect for those with a confirmed histamine intolerance by a licensed practitioner. The main foods eaten on an all-meat diet are naturally low in histamines and therefore, can help alleviate existing conditions and prevent complications from progressing. Those with histamine intolerance following the Carnivore Diet can eat low-histamine foods like […]

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