Carnivore Diet For Women

When I first heard about the carnivore diet I was very put off.

It's crazy admitting that now, but all I could think about was manly men eating ribeyes and pounding their chests.

There didn't seem to be any reason behind it. I wanted to share this post to help change that viewpoint, because women certainly can benefit from this diet.

I know this because I did.

   "Is the carnivore diet healthy for women?"

Simple answer... yes. Most of the time.

People, especially women who have tried the carnivore diet have become committed followers because of the benefits they have experienced. 

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From the experiences shared through social media and other platforms, it is clear that the carnivore diet has helped women achieve the health they always thought was possible when they began this way of eating. 

The carnivore diet has the potential to benefit anyone, as it is the purest elimination diet. It is an elimination diet in the sense that a person eats animal products and their by-products, removing all plants, vegetables, nuts, seeds, grains, legumes, and fruits. Essentially, without technicalities, the carnivore diet is a ‘zero-carb’ diet because it has no carbs.

Generally, the carnivore diet makes a person more energized and focused, in addition to it being a refreshing diet. Any animal food you can think of is allowed on this diet, and if you are thinking of trying it, I suggest reading this carnivore diet guide

Animal foods can be prepared with any method of your choice, whether grilled or baked. You will be amazed to find out how open and free this diet truly is.

This article on the biggest carnivore mistakes can help you avoid many of the most common pitfalls so many people run into when starting a zero-carb diet.

There are also some precautions women should take as well if considering this diet.

Why the Carnivore Diet Is Beneficial to Women

There are many benefits to the zero-carb diet, especially for women. Areas people have reported significant benefits or improved symptoms from include:

1.  Autoimmune Disorders

The Carnivore Diet can help with autoimmune diseases, something which is more common in women

The immune system is the first line of defense against any disease-causing bacteria or viruses. 

In the case of autoimmune disorders, the immune system mistakenly attacks the healthy cells in the body. There are many types of autoimmune disorders. 

According to an expert, the Carnivore Diet can help alleviate the symptoms of autoimmune diseases and treat these afflictions. In some cases, this diet has been used to completely reverse autoimmune disorders.

Though there have been no direct studies on the impact a carnivore diet has on autoimmune conditions, much anecdotal evidence does support this idea. The video below showcases perhaps the most famous example of someone experiencing profound improvements from this diet. 

Mikhaila Peterson was one of the first stories to go viral and allow this diet to begin gaining traction among the masses.

Although this is anecdotal and much of the craze today is based on anecdotal reports, much hope is being placed in this diet as being the ultimate elimination diet to treat and reverse autoimmune conditions.

Cases like this have created so much attention that clinical studies will likely be coming in the next few years, as medical professionals like Paul Saladino and Shawn Baker have already established themselves as professional authorities in this niche.

2.  Weight Management or Obesity

One of the greatest challenges faced in our world is gaining weight from the commonly consumed foods today, foods that were not common a few millennia ago. This phenomenon common today would be so strange to our ancestors because starvation was a real possibility that was never far away. That mentality, combined with many other factors has resulted in many more people facing the negative health effects of obesity as opposed to hunger. 

Women especially as affected by this, as their hormones and bodies tend to balance out at a higher body fat than men. This comes from the fact that they are the child-bearing partner of species, and having a higher body fat helped ensure they would have the energy to feed and raise their children. 

The issue of losing belly fat has become very problematic and women have gone to many lengths trying to change this. While many diets can bring weight loss, being able to sustain this weight and stay at a healthier level in the future are better indicators than is simply measuring how quickly weight can be lost. Many have followed ketogenic diets and experienced positive changes in weight but eventually, they have stalled. 

The Carnivore Diet may be the ultimate solution to anyone wishing to lose weight due to many factors. First I want to make it known that 90% of weight loss is influenced by what you eat, not by how much you exercise. Anyone saying that you need to eat less and move more couldn't be any further from completely ignorant. 

Adjusting to this diet may be the most difficult part, but once you are at this point, there are many benefits. One massive change I experienced myself was that after eating, there was no bloating whatsoever. 

I tried every diet you can name and I can confirm that after those meals, no matter what it was, I would be at least minorly bloated. It was a strange feeling the first time I only ate steak because I was full, satisfied, and comfortable. I can’t believe how long I told my self that feeling bloated after meals was natural. 

This state that you will be in after every meal feels like the most natural possible way to lose weight. Ensuring you have adequate fat intake will make a big difference in how satisfied you are after meals. 

Bone broth is a fantastic way to have a “meal” that will easily satisfy you for a snack. 

I’ve lost the few pounds I was looking to lose on this diet, and I have helped and seen many women who have done the same. It is a great feeling to empower someone with this tool because they are then able to control their own weight.

3.  Hormone Regulation

During “that” time of the month, many women experience PMS accompanied by migraines, hormonal acne, water retention, and cramps. Fortunately, being on a carnivore diet made my monthly cycle much easier to go through. 

The flow becomes so gentle with the migraines, pimples, and water retention becoming more infrequent. The carnivore diet helps adjust the hormones to make monthly cycles a little bit easier. I think any woman would agree with me that eliminating these symptoms can easily improve your life.

Before starting on a carnivore diet, a woman may still be eating “healthy” foods and plenty of salads but not experiencing any changes in their cycle. On a carnivore diet, the migraines cease in being regular and everything about PMS improves.

The carnivore diet may not cure everything for everyone but it reduces the frequency of some of the symptoms. This diet certainly improved my own dealings every month, so I would recommend at least experimenting with it. However, if you have any concerns, you should try it yourself and see how your body responds.

4.  Improved Skin Health

The carnivore diet is great for the skin. There are different ways in which this diet helps to improve skin health and heal any skin issues like acne breakouts and black spots on the skin.

First, the diet eliminates sugar and carbohydrates which are extremely damaging to the skin. These foods trigger skin inflammation which results in acne, rashes and many other skin problems. Once the molecules in sugar attach themselves to the protein fibers in the body’s cells, they set off a damaging process known as glycation

The dangers of glycation include:

  • Reduced ability to use collagen in rebuilding the skin’s structure
  • Increased rates of collagen break-down
  • Hyaluronic acid (a natural moisturizer) being drawn out from the skin
  • Increased effects of smoking and sun exposure on the skin
  • Accelerated wrinkling and sagging of the skin

A carnivore diet does not consist of inflammatory foods. As a result, the skin will have less inflammation in the form of pimples, rashes, and any other skin irritations. Foods like fish contain omega-3 fatty acids which are great for fighting skin inflammation. 

This is the best source of omega-3’s: salmon roe

Secondly, some foods like bone broth help decrease the appearance of cellulite and hence make the skin appear subtle and smooth.

Some of the best foods for glowing and youthful skin are bone broth, beef, eggs, and fish. Bone broth is very nutritious, containing nutrients like collagen which help to build strong and beautiful skin.

5.  Aging

There is no need to use anti-aging creams and products if you are on a carnivore diet. The foods that make up the carnivore diet are rich in nutrients that are reported to delay the appearance and progression of wrinkles. For example, beef, fish, and chicken are rich in the mineral zinc and carnosine. 

Zinc helps prevent excessive aging. 

In addition, it is excellent for healing wounds.

Overall, the carnivore diet eliminates foods that accelerate aging and amplifies foods that slow down aging.

The experiences of a carnivore diet may vary from person to person but there are undoubtedly amazing benefits of cutting down or eliminating processed foods and increasing your intake of nourishing animal foods. Every aspect of your body stands to benefit from the carnivore diet. It is best to try it out first and then see the results for yourself.

This is all general information. Nothing is here is recommended or should be taken as medical advice. Speak to a medical professional before implementing drastic measures or if you have any preexisting conditions.

Why The Carnivore Diet May Be Negative For Women

There are parts of this diet that may not be dangerous but can affect women more so than men. It is not uncommon for meals to be so satisfying that hunger does not return for long periods of time, most of the time this translates into two meals per day. 

Some people still eat three times per day, but it isn't uncommon for some people to only eat once per day. 

This isn't inherently a bad thing, but for women, “fasting” can sometimes have disadvantages that men do not experience. 

We do not know why this is, but it has been established in several studies that hormonally, women can be more sensitive to fasting or time-restricted eating. This is not always the case, because some women do not have any changes when practicing intermittent fasting or similar methods. 

This study showed that some women can be affected hormonally by just missing one meal. It will likely require many more studies to confirm what mechanisms are responsible for this, but evolution ideologies lend the most credible theories.

I didn’t even feel the urge to only eat once per day, I was always hungry in the morning and then in the evening but I know other women that eat more and less. I feel that I experienced some of the benefits women can experience through restricted eating though.

You should listen to your body though, no matter. If you are hungry, eat. If you aren’t hungry, but it is lunchtime, when you normally have a meal, don't eat.

Also, some women react poorly to low-carb diets in general. There are a few reasons for this, but it primarily all boils down to hormones.

Speak to your doctor if you have any concerns or questions though, as this is not medical advice, just my experience and opinion.


If you are a beginner to this diet, definitely read this carnivore guide to getting started, and review the biggest mistakes people make on all-meat diets. These two articles will be enough to get you through the adaptation period and you will then have higher levels of ketones

Giving this diet a try definitely has many positives though and if you read these articles and still have questions, check out this book for the carnivore diet!

I hope his helps you.

- Keri


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