Carnivore Diet – Traveling/Vacation, Restaurants, & Meal Prep

I travel a lot.

So I know the concerns of being a carnivore and trying to go
on vacation or a business trip without having to inconvenience your whole crew.

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In my job I often find myself traveling for 2 months at a time,
so having a good plan together to ensure that I will have quality foods is a must.


Most of the time there will always be a steakhouse or
something similar in the airport when I arrive.

All of these steakhouses are of course easy places to get a
juicy ribeye with butter but the expense of these restaurants is more than I am
willing to pay for two meals per day for the entirety of my trip.

These restaurants usually do get me through the beginning
days of travel.

Once I am adjusted to the trip, I stick to the same few meat-heavy

When I was in England, this meant I was eating lamb from halal
restaurants each day. This became something I looked forward to every day when
I was finishing up with meetings and work.

I would also make sure I knew where the local burger places
were because they will sell you just the hamburger patties, instead of charging
you for the side dishes and the bun.

Putting butter on these meats made the meals satiating and
kept me well fueled.

As a last resort, I would go to McDonald’s or preferably Wendy’s. They will sell you just the patties for dirt cheap prices. You can get cheese on these too if your heart desires.

Traveling with a blood ketone meter can also be a huge benefit. This way you can objectively determine where your ketone levels are at, which has a high effect on energy levels on carnivore.

I always use the Keto Mojo, both when I’m at home, and when I’m traveling.

Extended Stay in Hotel Rooms

There is always the option of ordering room service, but
rarely will they allow you to only buy steak without it coming with all the
side dishes, meaning you will pay more to get just the steak.

Ordering through room service is feasible for the first few
days of becoming adjusted to the area, but the costs tend to add up.

After the first few days, I will try to get a hotel room
with a cooking range in it or buy a pressure cooker.

This isn’t a huge request, as the money being spent at
restaurants for a few days of eating out will justify the costs of a pressure cooker.

Plates and things like this can be gotten from the restaurant
of your hotel or in the kitchen of your hotel room if you actually have a kitchen
in your room.

Once you have made a large portion of meat in the pressure cooker,
it can be stored in the hotel fridge for days and provides you with a great,
low-cost method of eating meat while traveling.

Plastic containers will allow you to take portions with you aren’t
sure whether there will be meat where you are going.

A pressure cooker can
easily be delivered to your hotel if you are planning on being there for an
extended stay.

If you are traveling to many different hotels over the
course of your trip, a pressure cooker is of course not feasible.

Jumping From Hotel to Hotel

When I was traveling through the United Kingdom not long ago
I experienced this same scenario.

It still is not as difficult as it seems though.

Over the 16 days, I was there, I stayed in 9 different hotels.

I would eat breakfast at the hotel where there would always
be sausage, bacon, and eggs. These were fatty foods that gave me energy until
the evening when I would get hungry again.

For dinner, I would find a restaurant like I described above or go to an genuine restaurant and get an actual steak because I was experiencing the UK after all.

Prices of meat in England were usually twice the cost that I
was accustomed to in the United States, so I found myself having smaller meat portions,
but made up for the calories by adding more fat or through eating larger
portions at the hotel breakfast.

If you really want to be thrifty, you can carry your
plastic containers to the hotel breakfast….

I don’t recommend this, but I have certainly seen it done
many times because guys knew they would probably be on the road most of the day.

If you do this, steer clear of liquids, as you will find many plastic containers are not as well sealed as you may expect them to be.


Eating at restaurants is fairly straightforward on the Carnivore

If there is meat, get the meat. Quite simple.

Try to get fatty pieces of meat or add butter to lean cuts.

The biggest trouble I usually have when eating out it that the restaurant rarely lets me purchase just the steak. They will say that that the price of the steak reflects it coming with two sides and that they cant change the price. This is, of course, irritating because I am losing money by not eating the “free” sides.

I will then ask if there are any substitutes I can make because
I do not want the sides. Often they are understanding and will work with you.

It is usually American chain restaurants like Longhorn or Red Lobster that will not accommodate these requests.

In Scotland, I actually got up and walked out of the
restaurant because they were going to charge me £15 for each burger patty.

When they saw me leaving they gave in and said, “Okay! We will give
it to you for £4. Is that okay?” So, I sat back down and enjoyed my burger

Lunch on the Go/Packing Lunch

Eating lunch when you are traveling or simply on the go
falls largely into the same category as traveling except maybe you aren’t far
from your home in this situation.

If you know you will be traveling on a certain day, simply cook
enough food at dinner the night before to take with you the next day.

I find it easiest to cook large amounts of meat at once, so
that I can take what I need from the fridge as needed, as opposed to taking the
time every morning to cook meat for lunch.

Most of the time, I cook meat the day before and have lunch packed
before I go to sleep.

This is how I did it when I began the Carnivore Diet. Now I rarely
feel the need to eat lunch
. Most of the time I eat breakfast and then am
not hungry again until dinnertime rolls around.

If you are concerned about not having warm food at lunch,
definitely check out this food warmer!

There are plenty of warming containers out there you can

By cooking your own foods, you will know exactly what is in
the meat and how it was cooked. You may prefer this method over finding a place
to eat anyway, as the cost and convenience factors are higher to me.

I hate having to order low-quality meats when I am on the go
because you have to pull into the restaurant or drive-thru, order, wait, and
then eat.

I always prefer to eat outside if I can, so pulling off the
side of the road to eat or eating outside at picnic tables has always been my ideal

Get that Vitamin D!

Meal Prep

Cooking large amounts of meat at once has always been my
preferred method, as I am often on the go and taking the time to cook breakfast
can be a rushed process in the mornings.

I purchased a pressure cooker for the first time in my life
when I began the Carnivore Diet, and I can easily say that it changed my life… and
I never thought I would say that about a kitchen accessory.

I can throw a 4 lb. chuck roast into the pressure cooker set it to 90 minutes, and have meat so tender, it can be cut with a fork. This is opposed to cooking roasts in the oven, which easily take hours, time I hate committing to simply babysitting the oven.

You can even use these things to make hard-boiled eggs in 5 minutes. Another great option to take with you for lunch.

I end up saving the broth too because there is a lot of fat
in it. I then use this broth to pour onto my steak when I reheat the steak for
lunch or something.

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